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Goldfinger Porcelán
Author: Helena Hlušičková
Material: Porcelain
High: 11 cm (4,3 in)
Capacity: 0,4 l (13,5 oz)

Suitable for microwave and washing machine

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Goldfinger Porcelán

Porcelain mugs and cups

Porcelain cups it is an enjoyment you can touch. Czech porcelain is the material of the highest quality from technologicall, hygienicall and ecologicall point of wiew. It is the best you can get for dining. Our production is handmade with maximum emphasis on quality of workmanship. We fire our porcelain in reduction on 1380°C. After the fire all pieces are handpainted and fired again. We use overglaze ceramics colours or precious metal colours as pure gold or platina. After decoration the artefacts are fired again, ussually for 800°C. Each finished piece is individully packed and awaits its customer in its box. Porcelain is not a ceramics. Porcelain mug never cracks its glaze all over, porcelain vase never leaks the water and porcelain tea set can be passed in your family for generations.

Porcelain is the king of the table and reign the whole interier. We wellcome you into its kingdom!
Transport DHL 7 EUR

Transport DHL 7 EUR

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Express shipping

Hand made

Hand made

Original design

Original design

GOLDFINGER Porcelain manufacture is a family bussiness focussed mostly on the small serries of porcelain production and on the customers seeking original, ecological and trendy design. We create and sell custom made coffee and tea mugs or sets and other design for hotels, coffeehouses, restaurants.
We produce replicas of Czech Cubism era ceramics artefacts for MODERNISTA company. Czech Cubistic ceramics is wordly known as unique part of Cubism style and highly valued for its timeless decorative quality. Our replicas are handpaited handmade glazed slipcasts from high quality material. The artworks of all leading artists from this era Pavel Janák, Vlastislav Hofman, Rudolf Stockar are in our portfolio.